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2011 LR Marathon – execute the plan

by on Mar.06, 2011, under Mavia, Races

Thanks to consistent training runs, great running friends (who are much faster than me) and a couple long distance advisors (Michael and Bob, you know who you are), I put together a race plan to run 8:50 pace through the first 20 miles with the exception  of the hills after the half mark.  The goal here was to run with the same level of exertion and let the clock be what it was.  We would need the energy later when we got to mile 20 because this is where we were going to “start” the race, hunt down those who passed us, reel in those in front of us and put the hammer down.  That we did.

Never really hit a wall.  Steve, Tim and Stacy (picked her up at the half) were the best pacing friends ever.  Tim’s job was to keep us on pace.  I never worried about it.  I just ran and watched the cadence of these two awesome runners as they ran.  Tim was calling people, posting on facebook, etc. on his blackberry.  Ha!  Julie (and Stacy the first half) met us regularly for on course encouragement.  Tim made sure my nutrition needs were met, handing me gels and water, etc.

About mile 20 as we made the turn I told Steve to start to pick it up slowly (this was just a training run for him, getting ready for Boston next month).  Let’s put the hammer down (Tim), switch to gas mode in the PRIUS (Bob), start the race (Michael).  You can see by the garmin that this is what we did.  We were passing people the last 6 miles.  We had 2 hills at the end (small ones) to get over and then kick to the end.  In the last 1/2 mile all I remember was Steve yelling at me to give it all I had.   Who could ask for better friends?

The only thing that surpasses this is that Mavia, my NF hero, who I run for stayed with us last night and her Mom ran the relay today.  Great to spend time with her and her family.  Went to the NF pasta dinner and it was humbling.  90% of the families there had kids with NF.  Many of them were there.  Every time they raise $20,000 they fund a new research project.  Team Mavia, again with the help of my friends, raised $5,000 of it.  So collectively Team Mavia contributed 25% of a research project.  Talking with people at the pasta dinner and at the NF tent after the race it was very clear that a 3:51 was not nearly as important as giving it all we’ve got to find a cure for NF.  Once again, Tim, Michael and Bob are right there on my NF team.  Thanks guys.  Even though the Little Rock Marathon is over, you can still join Team Mavia.  I’ll be running the Vienna marathon in Austria for her on April 17 (6 weeks!).  Click here and join the team. 

Post race pic with Mavia, her brother Maddox, her mom Karrie (top left) and 2 women who ran the relay with her Mom and one other guy who is not in the picture.

More Race Pics (as I get them):

6 comments for this entry:
  1. Edward Tanguay

    Wow, that was an incredible performance, you nailed the time you said you were going to get right on the money. “Passing people in the last six miles” is something I can’t fathom. You prove that it’s possible to train for a marathon so that you have energy to push it after 30K, that is inspiring. And the way you accomplished this with your network of support runners and that you supported Mavia and her family and cause at the same time makes your accomplishment much more than a physically well-executed marathon. Something to be proud of, Pete.

  2. petetanguay

    Thanks Ed. Means a lot coming from the guy who got me into running marathons to begin with! Next stop Vienna!

  3. Len Rishkofski

    Your a “Crazy Guy” i am very proud of you and what you have accomplished.

  4. Marilyn

    What an accomplishment! So proud to say you’re my son-in-law.

  5. Tim

    Pete, Sunday was a very special day for me. I feel very fortunate to have been able to share it with you. You ran such a smart race. You did your training. You determined a great race plan. You executed that plan perfectly. You crushed LITTLE ROCK! I really enjoyed passing all the other runners the last part of the race. If you noticed, we were never passed. Even “Utah Sue” the maniac couldn’t keep up with you.

    You were the very first CRC person to reach out to me when I moved here. Thank you for making me feel welcome and becoming my friend. You are a great person and I look forward to sharing many more memories with you.


  6. petetanguay

    Well Tim, you summed it up – that’s what life is all about. Making memories and sharing them with others. Thanks friend – and yes, many more memories to come. Oh, and yes, passing runners for 6+ miles at the end of a marathon has to go near the top of the list of the most thrilling things to do in life!! :)

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