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Feeling scared

by on May.22, 2011, under Training Runs

50k.  31 miles.  Marathon plus a 10k (almost).  Single track trail.  Rocks.  Hills, lots of them.  Unknown territory.  Hydration and fuel needs that I don’t understand.  June in Arkansas = heat and humidity. Running alone. Nagging injury in my abductor muscle and groin.  Feeling tired. Never ran more than 26.2.  Did this twice in the last 75 days.  All these feelings are piling up as I plan to toe the starting line of my latest unknown territory.  

10 years ago I stood at the starting line of my first marathon in Berlin, Germany, focused on survival and finishing.  Longest run then was 11 miles.  I remember at the end looking down at my shoe, needing to take the timing ship out of my laces and thinking, “how in the hell am I going to get down there?”.  What will this next new distance bring for me?  A finish?  A new awakening?  A lesson?  New directions?  An injury? A setback? 

Or maybe a life changing experience running through pure nature in the 12,056-acre Hobbs State Park-Conservation area along the shores of 28,370-acre Beaver Lake, just me, the air and the earth and other creatures of the earth.  A time to run to run (or walk) and not to please the Garmin, a commitment to start at 6:30am and spend time in the woods until sometime around noon.  This would be nice.  Only one way to know.  Go.

Did a comfortable run today, two weeks prior to the Tailtwister 50k.  Ran 4 miles with Tim and Stacy at their easy run speed.  Felt good but this wasn’t the speed I needed for 14 today.  I needed to finish 14 feeling like I had 17 left.  I hung back on the second 10 and ran/walked and finished feeling good.  I wouldn’t say it felt like 17 more miles good, but race days are always different!  Enjoyed the last 10 with Brad.  Great to have so many running friends that you have two different paces to run with even in the same day. 


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  1. Dave Whittenberg

    Pete, you are amazing!

  2. Tailtwister 50k - Pete Tanguay

    […] why.  My runs were difficult.  I felt tired a lot.  Work has been very busy and I was a little scared of the upcoming 50k.  To top it off, I end up getting these sores, like spider bites, on my arm […]

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