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“You inspire me”. And you, me.

by on Jun.11, 2011, under My NF Hero

It’s funny how life fits together like a puzzle.  How we make the most difference when we focus on what is right and what we love.  If we simply pay attention to the people and things that are going on around us and connect with them with everything we have, we will constantly be surprised by the unexpected.  And the unexpected we find out about is just the tip of the iceberg of the difference we can make.

Like this Facebook message I received after joining the Marathon Maniacs.  The person’s name is omitted but the message is clear.

Pete: Welcome to the Manaics!

I don’t have much time – I am leaving for a 50 miler in a few minutes but just saw you joined the maniacs. I’ve actually seen you on the internet as you are running to raise money for NF. I’d like to discuss this with you as I have NF (please don’t share that, most don’t know about it).

I’m trying to add meaning to the NF and would like to talk to you about the work you have done and possible things I can do in the future.

I was told I’d never run when I was born and now I am a 10-star maniac and 100 mile finisher.

Thanks man. You inspire me.

I will continue to Run for a Reason and to find a cure for NF.  I will continue to run for Mavia and the Evenson family.  But from now on, I will also run for this new friend.  Kind of like an “unknown soldier” to me.  You, and all the other NF friends I have, truly inspire me.

Click here to support me financially and join me in the NF race.  The link is for races earlier this year but it is not too late.  I fund raise once a year, and run all year long.  And then … expect the unexpected.

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  1. LT

    Awesome Pete. I have found that there are levels of appreciation people have for running. Some people run because they feel that they have to. Maybe it is a weight issue, or maybe a stress relief? There is nothing wrong with running only for those reasons, but I don’t think those people enjoy it quite as much. Then there are those who love running. They love the way it makes them feel, love the friends they have met, they consider running to be a staple in their lives….I know a lot of people like this. :) Then there is the kind of appreciation you have for it… Not to say you don’t also appreciate running for the reasons listed above, but there is something more…the inspiration to run for someone other than yourself, and to truly be “all in” for that person or cause or whatever it may be that inspires you. I know there are many people out there who run to raise money for causes, and that is wonderful, but for some it is a one and done type of thing. I don’t think everyone who runs for a charity is as truly moved by it and driven by it as you are. I love that you love what you do. Keep on livin the dream, Pete… and thank you for sharing.

  2. karrie evenson

    Pete, Thanks for sharing. It brought tears to my eyes. I am so moved and honored that we together are a part of the NF family, whether we have it or not. This is truly the most inspiring group of people to run with AND make a difference with. You are one of them my sweet friend.Changing lives, raising awareness, and giving back is what it’s all about. So glad you are a part of our lives.
    With many hugs and much love,
    Karrie ..aka: Mavia’s mommy

  3. Dad

    Congratulations Pete. These are more than kind words sent to you. These are sincere sentiments for your thoughtfulness and contribution to others. From your latest outings, your body shows signs of needing rest but the thoughts sent to you by others should inspire you to continue your efforts for the benefit of others. I am especially proud of you and of what you are doing.

  4. Pete

    Dad, you are my original inspiration!

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