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Couple of nice runs

by on Jan.30, 2012, under Training Runs

Started the week with a couple of good runs.  To help everything heal 100%, I’m focusing on fewer high quality runs, running less mileage but trying to get my pace down on all runs.  I’d like to get to where my 5-7 mile runs are at a 7:40-45 pace.  The weather has been nice and crisp the last two mornings and Tim and I had a couple of good runs.  Today included Bainbridge hill in mile 5 and we pushed our way up it.  It’s such a blessing to run with faster runners.

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Easy track work

by on Jan.10, 2012, under Training Runs

I couldn’t decide whether to rest this morning or run.  Finally decided I’d run and headed out.  Tuesday is track work day and I intended to stay loose and take it easy, focusing on minimal energy usage and form.  I was surprised at how good I felt and how well the track session went.  A friend was doing 8 x 800’s and so I did 4, stretched a bit and then did 3 more.  I felt comfortable throughout and finished with a nice easy jog back to the fitness center. Houston half this Sunday.  Feeling good.

The running club is doing a “fat boy” contest – 4 week weight loss contest where we weighed in this morning and everyone put in $20 and the winner gets all the money.  I weighed in at 194.5 and actually would like to see if I could drop 10 pounds.  It would be nice to drop 15 by the Little Rock marathon.  Worse case I’ll donate some money to someone who loses more weight.

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Final weekend before Houston

by on Jan.08, 2012, under Training Runs

Had two good runs this weekend, an easy 5 miler on Saturday and a confidence building 8 miler today.  Last weekend I had a terrible 10 mile run after 4 hours of sleep on New Year’s Eve and didn’t want that to be in my memory as I went to Houston.  I had also run a couple times this week but didn’t log them.  They weren’t good runs, felt fatigued from business at work and a lot going on.  Felt real good yesterday running with 3 others and enjoying the conversation.

Today we did an 8 mile route at a steady pace but not pushing it.  With a mile to go I said I wanted to pick up the pace every 1/3 mile and make the last mile at least my goal half marathon pace of 7:38.  Nice to see it come down to 7:21.  If I rest well this week and feel good in Houston I should have a good race.  Especially after being inspired by the Olympic runners who I will get to see.

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First run of 2012

by on Jan.01, 2012, under Training Runs

I played tennis for the first time yesterday and my body was sore from going different directions (not just forward).  We were up celebrating the New Year until after 1am so when the alarm went off at 5:30 the only thing pulling me out of bed was the commitment I had made to Stacey and Curt to “be there”.  We planned to run 15 miles but I could tell that even 10 was going to be tough today.  We got it in but I lagged behind.  Coming up Tyler they were ahead of me cresting the hill as the orange sky lit up the new day and I could see their silhouettes on the road.  That was a great image to start the year.  I basically worked to keep moving and did my best to make the last 3 miles count for something.  I’ve been laying on the floor in front of the fire for 3 hours and it’s now time to start the day.  Houston half marathon 2 weeks from today. I better get some recovery in!!!

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