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Nice Monday Run

by on Feb.27, 2012, under Training Runs

The Monday route has always been one of my favorites, especially after we added the hill in mile 5.  I didn’t run all weekend as I was in Tulsa so I was ready to get out there today.  Tim and I had a good paced run and it reminded me of some good training periods where the Monday run was always a good quick start to the week.  I felt quick on my feet today, focused on good form and attacked bainbridge hill.  This will be a good mental image for me going into Little Rock this weekend.

I’m thinking about going out a bit faster than I have in my last few marathons this weekend and seeing if I can hold it.  I wonder if I could hold a 8:40-8:45 pace?  I’ll run one more time this week, tomorrow, and then be out of town for the week and back this weekend for the race.  I’m a little surprised how prepared I feel.  We’ll see on Sunday.

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Getting ready for Little Rock

by on Feb.23, 2012, under Training Runs

Had a good running week so far – two weeks out from the Little Rock marathon.  It started with a good half marathon and I’ve run each day since and plan to run tomorrow before taking the weekend off and running very little next week.  The goal is to get to the starting line anxious to run, feeling guilty for not running but the legs will be ready.  I’ve focused on good pace runs, nothing super hard and nothing really long.  Just get out there and work on form, relaxing, turnover/cadence and get in a few miles.  Hopefully this is a good sign for a good Little Rock marathon coming up!

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Recovering mid-run

by on Feb.22, 2012, under Training Runs

Today was Wednesday so ….  we ran the Wednesday route.  Same route as last week except I took off with a faster group and hung with them through the first 3 miles and they started to pick it up.  Mile four is some gravel and a little slight incline and both weeks I slowed down in this mile.  One thing I worked on today was recovering mid-run.  I had a couple guys pass me during this portion of the run and I hung with them and visualized being toward the end of a marathon.  My pace was getting down to an 8:30 pace and I was either going to mentally check out or keep working and recovering as I worked.

As I visualized being in mile 23-4 I thought about “getting ready” to pick it up and then I reeled the two guys in during the last mile and passed them.  Good mental images for the Little Rock marathon coming up.  When you are tired, if you can get back to an efficient stride and not a slow pace that you are inefficient at it’s a whole lot better!!

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Run the Line Half Marathon

by on Feb.20, 2012, under Races

Another half marathon in the books.  Had a good race, a little more uphill than I had expected.  I tend to run conservative up hills to not use too much energy and run harder down the hills, actually using the same amount of energy but going faster.  It felt like there were more ups than downs in this race.  One of my new goals is to learn to attack hills a bit more without using too much energy.

I got a good start and worked to hold a sub-8 pace.  I would have liked to stay around 7:45.  I had some other runners I was trying to stay with and pushed myself early on.  Mile 3-5 I kept thinking about how long I could hold it, how many more miles were left and decided I needed to focus on what I was doing in “this mile”.  Someone in my age group who I did not want to beat me came up beside me in mile 6 and I thought, oh no, here he is.  I thought, “I can out kick him at the end” so just stay up with him.  Then we got to a gradual down and I thought, no, let’s leave him now and I did.  I kept my distance and had a good last 2 miles.

Overall I feel good about the race.  Not my best time but good for this day.  Did a 3 mile recovery run this morning and felt good.

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3 days – 3 different runs

by on Feb.12, 2012, under Training Runs

It’s been a good running weekend.  I had a massage on Friday afternoon that really loosened up my leg to the point I had a lot more flexibility and less pain.  That’s a good thing because I had a 5k race on Saturday and my last long run planned before the Little Rock marathon on Sunday.  I’ll run some this week and then do a half marathon race this weekend in Texarkana.  Then it’s taper time.

After last weeks blow up at the River Trail 15k, I was excited to redeem myself at the 5k.  It was not going to be a long race so I just needed to be more ready for it and go out and run it.

At the River Trail 15k, I went out unprepared, over confident thinking that I just did a 1:43 half marathon and this would be just like that, only it would end 4 miles earlier.  So all of those thoughts I had at mile 7 and 8 in the half marathon (Houston) would be no big deal as the race was about to be over.  I didn’t prepare well the night before and showed up unready for the race.  Basically it turned from a half marathon that ended early to a 10k that would never end.  I got to a point after the turn (mile 5) that I wanted to go faster but couldn’t.  I can’t remember wanting a race to end more than this one in a long time.

I went out yesterday with more respect for the race and knowing that it would be shorter I set out to run a strong first mile and hold it to the end.  In mile 2 and 3 I would pick people ahead of me and try to pick them off.  I felt somewhat redeemed and am happy with my race.  It is about 20 seconds slower than I ran 3 years ago on the same course but then again, I’m three years older.  I’m not in my best running shape so this distance should improve this year.  It was 22 degrees to start with a cold wind but the course was a beautiful nature trail.

Today was my last (or should I say my first) long run before the Little Rock marathon in 3 weeks.  I have not done a long training run since the Memphis Marathon in December (I guess that would be considered a long run) and only did one 15 miler before that race.  I did race the Houston half marathon in January.  I felt I needed a long run before Little Rock for confidence if nothing else.  The goal was distance, not pace.  We went out to run a 9-9:30 pace and I stayed with the group until about mile 15-16.  At mile 17 I did some run/walk.  I did not want to push anything.  Rather, I wanted to enjoy myself and finish the distance, which I did.  We ran the last 20 miles of the LR Marathon course with a little detour when we got off course which made it 21.5 miles.  I did this last year and it really helped.

Best part of running is the awesome people I get to run with.  I enjoyed running with Don, Jen, Laura and Melissa today.  These and all my other running friends ROCK!

Life has been busy and I’m hanging on to my running to stay in shape and reach some goals, but it’s been a bit tough.  I’ve also decided to get back into tennis and have been running less but doing faster runs.  After Little Rock I’m going to work on my speed a bit doing a series of shorter races (10k or less) and then in June it will be time to start training for the 2012 Chicago Marathon.  Life is good and certainly full.

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