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Monday 6

by on Mar.26, 2012, under Training Runs

Did our 6 this morning.  It seemed a bit slower than it turned out to be but I was definitely still a bit fatigued from my long run and 5k.  I’m going to run every day this week and then cut way back for the next two before the Hogeye Marathon.  Beautiful morning to be out running.  I love this time of year.

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Sunday 14 miler

by on Mar.25, 2012, under Training Runs

Great way to follow up the 5k yesterday – do a nice easy 14 miler as the darkness turned to light, the birds woke up and the sun came up over the horizon.  Felt some pain towards the end as we came up Country Club Hill so I think I’ll do a few days of rest.  3 weeks until the Hogeye marathon.

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Spring Fling 5k – PR

by on Mar.24, 2012, under Races

I haven’t had a PR in awhile and was not expecting one today.  The race started out quick and a friend, Angie was in front of me about half way through the first mile.  She’s a fast runner and also runs for the Conway Running Club team so I thought I would see if I could hang with her.  At about the 3/4 mile point I decided I could pass her.  I grabbed a drink as I ran by the 1 mile aid station and she passed me.  I then pulled ahead of her and for the rest of the race I could hear her very close behind me.  It was two team mates running together, me pulling her and her staying with me.  The end result was my best ever 5k time and she finished about 10 seconds behind me.  That’s some great speed work to start the day!!!

Click on the image above for full race results.

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Mondays are back

by on Mar.19, 2012, under Training Runs

Good run from start to finish with Tim and Laura.  Great to have Tim back from Spring Break.  Felt comfortable the first couple of miles and then they picked it up and we were into the wind.  Added Bainbridge Hill at mile 5 – was hoping we’d skip it today but I’m glad we didn’t.  Finished strong thinking about the 5k I’m running this weekend.  I’ll be in New Jersey tomorrow through Thursday so this may be my last good run until the race.

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Nice 5 miler

by on Mar.18, 2012, under Training Runs

I got in a 30 mile week without a long run (5 days) last week and it felt good to get in more runs than I had been.  I also felt pretty fatigued.  Might have to do with work being hectic and a lot going on.  After yesterday off I did a 5 miler today and felt a bit better than I had and ended up with a good run.  I’ll be traveling this week so I’ll have to get my runs in on Monday, Friday and Saturday (5k race).

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Welcome back wet shoes

by on Mar.15, 2012, under Training Runs

It’s mid-march and the temps are already in the mid-60’s at 5am.  When it gets hot I run slower and sweat a lot more.  I finished my run today and my socks were soaked – haven’t had that since last year.  My goal this week is to run 7+ miles each day and focus on continuing to run when I’m tired and want to stop.  Pace is not important, just keep it going and find a pace I can run when I am tired.  If I can do this for a week or so and then get a good recovery it should help.  I’m still a bit fatigued from a marathon one weekend and a 2 mile sprint the next!

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Easy 5 miler

by on Mar.14, 2012, under Training Runs

Had planned to run 7 this morning but the people who showed up to run had 5 in mind and so I did an easy 5.  My body is feeling a bit tired after running 3 days in a row.  I want to keep this up through the weekend to get a high mileage week and run on fatigued legs quite a bit.  Met up with a couple other runners about mile 4 and slowed it down to visit.  Temps are warming up – 61 degrees at the start at 5am.

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Monday / Tuesday runs

by on Mar.13, 2012, under Training Runs

I’ve decided I need to up my mileage this week to get a hard week in where a lot of my running is on fatigued legs.  I’m not running real fast and working hills into every route but am focused on keeping a good pace and getting in more miles.

I’m about a month out from the Hogeye marathon and I think if I can do this, run good next week, race the 5k on 3/24 followed by a long run on 3/25 I should be close to ready for Hogeye.  The plan is to do daily runs of 7+ miles and we’ll see what happens.  Did 6.5 yesterday to start.  Basically feeling good out there running but the runs are definitely a challenge.

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2012 Chase Race 2 miler

by on Mar.10, 2012, under Races

Less than a week after the Little Rock marathon I’m out there running a 2 mile race.  Last year I ran a 13:07 but I am still very happy with my results today.  One lesson I take away was with about a half a mile left to go all I could think about was how long until it is safe to kick it in and how can I keep up my pace or pick it up.  Suddenly my mind said – “STOP IT”  just focus on your form and quit thinking about the last mile.  I focused and pulled past a couple runners and then kicked to the end, beating a guy in my age group by less than a second to get third in my age group.  Nice to be able to run a couple 6:40 miles at my age.  My official time was 13:30.

And always one of the highlights of every event is the opportunity to run for the NF Endurance Team and to hang out with my NF Friends like Connie Oslica.

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Little Rock Marathon 2012

by on Mar.05, 2012, under Races

The 2012 Little Rock marathon is in the books.  It was a tough day out there.

I have been running but not on a strict marathon training schedule.  My focus has been fewer runs that are faster and running less to try and resolve the injury in my leg.  Although I still feel it, I think it is on its way to being healed.  It was not a factor at all in the race.  I went out today to try and run the first half faster than I usually do without using a lot of energy and seeing how well I could do the second half.  I also went out to run for Mavia and Danny and having them their in my thoughts helped me through my race.

The morning started with some cool weather but it heated up to about 50-60 by the end of the race.  The wind was light to begin but got to about 15-20 mph by the end of the race.  My first half felt good.  Felt like I was running a half marathon at a nice comfortable pace.  The few hills in the first half didn’t really feel like hills.  I was working my way through the race just fine.  I didn’t feel like I was laboring that much, just felt like I was running a very smart race.  The 3:45 pace group caught up to me about mile 10.5 and I ran with them for a bit while everyone in the group was trying to come up with the 10 states that had two words in the name of their capitol (like Little Rock).  They went on and I crossed the half marathon mark at 1:52 four minutes faster than last year.  Everything was on track.

Then came the hills.  And the wind.  I worked my way up the hills from mile 14-16.5 and felt I was doing fine.  The race was becoming work and I could tell I was slowing but that was to be expected.  I had very good nutrition and hydration and as I ran down the hill to mile 17 I thought, ok, let’s get this race done.  The 3:50 pace group had not passed me yet and I was going to turn on the gas around mile 20 and run it on in.  I still felt this was doable.  From mile 18-23 is an out and back along the river and running out against the wind (not too bad) I knew I would have wind at my back to finish.  Again, good news.  Then about mile 19 a pace group caught up to me that I thought would be the 3:50 group but there was no 3:50 group.  It was the 3:55 group led by a good friend of mine.  I stayed with them only briefly and then began thinking that I was now being chased by the 4 hour group.  Almost to the turn around.  At mile 20 I was just under 3 hours and I thought, all I need is a one hour 10k to finish under 4.  This is going to be work but I can do it.  The 3:55 group passed the turnaround and I timed how far behind them I was at it was 2 and a half minutes.  Ok, it’s time to run.

The rest of the race just hurt.  My thighs locked and it was hard to run.  I gave my last effort in mile 22 but could not hold it.  The 4 hour group passed me about mile 23 or so and I ran/walked in.  Two friends tried to encourage me to run with them but it wasn’t to be.  Here I was finishing the Little Rock marathon with a tail wind and couldn’t run it!

In the end it was a good race and my 12th marathon (plus I ran 20 miles of the Chicago marathon once with a friend – starting at mile 6).  I left it all out on the course and although I’m not pleased with my time I know it is what I had on this day.  Running for Mavia and Danny was very special and the event will go down as a positive day!

As the day after the race goes on, though, disappointment on not being able to run the last 6.2 in an hour is creeping in.  What would it have taken to battle harder through the pain to get in about 10 minutes earlier?  Why could I not keep up with the friends who were saying come on?  Why did I let my legs win the battle of will?  I did the best I could and take a lot of good away from the race.  So let’s try and leave it there!

Time to recover (my legs are shot) and then lose some weight, build some core strength and train for the Chicago marathon in October – my 2012 ‘A’ marathon race.  This should be a challenge as much of the training will be in the heat of the summer, not a good training time for me.  It will all add up to a good challenge for 2012.

Finally, special thanks to Lesley who is our fearless NF leader who got me into running for NF, Hannah who was my course support in miles 18-23 and without her providing me my Amino-Vital drink and Clif Bars I hate to think what would have happened and to Madeleine for being there at the finish line to give me a hug (and of course to my awesome wife for being there as well even though she is not in the picture!).

And one more mention of the two people who I ran the race for, Mavia and Danny.  Thanks to so many friends who “ran with me” and supported me financially, I reached my goal of $5,000 and our NF Endurance team reached our goal to raise $20,000.  If it is still March 2012 you can click on the image below and still add your financial support to a great cause!  Who knows where we will finally end up, but we do know that the money will be put to good use to solve the NF puzzle.

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