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Friday Mystery Run

by on Apr.20, 2012, under Training Runs

First run since Hogeye.  Had a nice recovery week and it felt great to get back out for a run today.  Tim and I did our Friday mystery run route, turning whenever we decided to.  Ran towards downtown, through the tunnel at Hendrix, out past Wal-Mart, up the back of the beast (Salem hill) and back to the fitness center.  We ran a very comfortable pace and picked it up a bit at the end.

As I reflect on the Little Rock and Hogeye marathons these past two months I see the need for a high mileage base to fuel my legs and “anaerobic machine”.  8 mile runs like this are perfect.  I’m going to go for high mileage weeks with comfortable runs, not necessarily slow runs, and see how I do.  I would like to build up to a 3 hour run every weekend.  We’ll see.  Just glad to be out there running as the light moves in and the sun comes up.  It’s the perfect time of year to be running.

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Hogeye Marathon 2012

by on Apr.16, 2012, under Races

I knew I wasn’t ready for this one but I didn’t think it would be this hard!  After “locking up” at mile 22 in the Little Rock marathon I finished, somewhat disappointed and decided I would run Hogeye in a month to work some things out.  I didn’t do any long runs between them and have been focusing on “speed” races, 5 and 10k’s.  Well, that is no way to train for a marathon.

In the end I feel good about my race.  I went there to finish and I finished.  There is a certain amount of satisfaction by being able to go run a marathon whenever I want to – well I should say finish a marathon as I didn’t run the whole thing!!!

The morning started out with the expectation of very bad weather.  Kansas had gotten hammered with tornadoes the night before and there were clouds coming our way and a wet race predicted.

Fortunately the 30mph winds pushed this line of storms more to the north and we pretty much escaped the weather.  There was some rain in mile 22-3 and when we finished it turned into a monsoon.  But fortunately this was not a factor in the race.  The wind, however, was a factor, both from behind and in your face.

I felt good and got into my 9 minute pace, give or take a bit, and thought I would be ok.  I had a few fast miles in the beginning but those were due to mostly downhill portions.  As I got into mile 16 or so my legs locked again.  It was hard to run and so I changed to run/walk.  There were lots of up and down hills and yet I have done this marathon in a 4:08 before and so it wasn’t completely the hills.  It was the preparation.  I figured I’d be able to bring in a 4:10-15 but not today.

Leslie was doing the 4th leg of their team relay and the second and third relay exchange were in the same place so she had a drink and clif bar for me there at mile 12 and I was feeling ok at this point.

But by the time I got back around to her again, mile 18.2, not so much.  I took off from there, knowing she would catch me and she did, about mile 22.  She pushed me along, made me run, and we finished together.  Didn’t help the time of her relay team! And as you can tell, there is a bit of an uphill to the finish.

I enjoyed the race and even with a very slow time, I am not disappointed because I went out there to finish and to learn some things from Little Rock and get my head ready to start training for Chicago in a month or so.  I was reminded that you must be conditioned for the race in order to be able to run the whole thing.  When you get into the race and your legs are gone, they are gone.  There is no amount of mental that will bring them back.  I’m looking forward to a few weeks off and then ramping up to an “A” race Chicago training program.  Hope the summer weather doesn’t kill me!

Here is what the Garmin says.  And the Garmin doesn’t lie.

And as an added bonus, my brother Ed and I did our second “intercontinental marathon relay”.  He finished the Paris Marathon about 30 minutes before I started mine.  Click here for his marathon blog and pictures.

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Easter morning run

by on Apr.08, 2012, under Training Runs

Nice recovery 10k run after yesterday’s race to start out Easter Sunday.  Nice to get out in the morning and get in 6 miles before everyone else gets up. Nothing special today, just run and coffee with friends at McDonald’s when we finished.

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Capital City 10k – 2012

by on Apr.07, 2012, under Races

A beautiful morning for a 10k.  My body was wondering why I was going to ask it to run so hard this morning.  I was looking forward to the race but didn’t have a lot of “want to” run in me.  No real motivation to get a PR, just wanted to get out and find a pace that I could hold and get it done.  I ran this race last year in 44:38 and didn’t know if I could repeat or improve upon this.  I settled into a pace I felt was challenging but not red lined.  It felt more like a hard run than a race.  A running friend came up behind me in the 6th mile and encouraged me to push it to the finish.  I would have liked to have this last mile sub 7 but it wasn’t to be.

I’m happy with the race.  It was enjoyable and hard enough.  Hogeye marathon next weekend.

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Feeling good again

by on Apr.01, 2012, under Training Runs

I hurt when I’m not running but I’m starting to feel good running again.  After an easy 6 yesterday, we did 10 today.  I had some bounce in my step and kept my form to keep a good pace.  Ran with Bruce, John, Brad and Curt – great running friends.  Everyone kept the pace up.  I lagged back in miles 7 and slowly reeled the lead runners in during mile 9 and had a good kick at the end.  You can feel the summer heat on its way.   Shoes were soaked at the end of the run.  Love being able to do 10 at this pace.  Building a good base to start training for Chicago in June.  Looking for a great “A” race in October.

Had a good running week last week (38 miles in 5 days and 6000 calories burned) and off to a good start with today’s 10.

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