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Listen to the body … it will tell you what to do

by on Aug.28, 2012, under Training Runs

I can run again.  Still a bit hesitant and get fatigued after a few miles but I’m starting to push up hills again and finishing strong without worry of pulling something.  I focus a lot on my form and feeling the legs, arms, pelvis, spine, feet doing what they need to be doing.  Did a 2 mile warm up with Stacey and Tim today and then hills with the group.  Did some walk / run in the middle but was able to pick up the pace at the end.  I feel a bit fatigued but also can feel some strength coming back when I ask my legs to get up a hill.  It’s still warm out in the mornings, mid 80’s with high humidity.  So thankful to be out running again and hopeful for Fall marathons coming up.

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Monday 5 miler

by on Aug.27, 2012, under Training Runs

Planned to do at least 7 but the others wanted to run 5 so I did.  Had a good run and am starting to feel my legs be able to work in a run.  The Monday route is a favorite route,  one that we run faster in the Spring when we are running in the cold and it seems when I am in the best shape (before I am beat up by Spring marathons!).  Started easy and worked to push the pace.  It’s interesting to see only an 8:32 pace but this is much better than it has been.  Mile 5 is CC Hill so that explains the slower pace.  I am so happy to be able to run again, feeling stronger every time.

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The healing continues

by on Aug.26, 2012, under Training Runs

So nice to be able to run again.  The frustration of not being able to run fast quickly goes away when I realize I am running with bounce, my knee does not hurt, I can Lengthen (my spine), Level (my pelvis) and Lift (my legs behind me).  Yes, Lengthen, Level and Lift is my running mantra when I am strong and focusing on form.  This along with good breathing, relaxing and holding my shoulders up and moving my arms is what has brought me my best race times.  I can do this again.

Was out of town this week but got a good 10 miler in on Wednesday and 14.1 miles today on the Soaring Wings Half Marathon course.  Started out with Tim and Bruce but just couldn’t hang with them even though they waited for me twice.  I told them to go on.  I don’t like holding people up.  I got into a good rhythm and knocked out the miles.  Got a bit tired at the end (although I was doing some hills at the end) as is evident in the Garmin report.  I believe it is harder to run slower as you spend more time on the ground and pound more.

Looking for a good running week, with a few doses of swimming and biking as I have a triathlon coming up a week from Saturday.  All of this is going to come together to be the magic solution to get me to the starting line for Chicago.

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50 mile week

by on Aug.19, 2012, under Training Runs

Got my first 50 mile week in since May, with 6 days of running.  In fact, I think the last 50 mile week I got in ended up with the injury I am now saying good bye to.  It is not what caused the injury.  I’m back to 7 mile minimums on runs and did 13 miles yesterday.  I’ll increase the long run by a couple miles a week and hope to get in at least one 20 before Chicago.  This has been a very educational experience, changing and adjusting anything I can to get back out on a run.   This will be a slower week with some travel that is going to make it hard to run.  We’ll see what I can get done.  Feels good to be back running with some hop in my stride.

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3 days in a row

by on Aug.14, 2012, under Training Runs

I don’t want to jinx myself but I think I may be back, as far as running goes.  I am starting to feel stronger again and have run 3 days in a row, albeit a little slower than normal, without significant pain.  Most of all I can feel a healthy stride returning.  No more compensating for a sore and fatigued leg.  20 miles in 3 days and feeling good.  If I can get my mileage up and 2-3 long runs in I’ll be ready for Chicago!  This has been a journey for sure.  Tomorrow is spin class followed by a swim to cross train for the triathlon in September and to rest my running muscles.  Still persistent, still determined.  Come on Chicago.

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On the mend

by on Aug.12, 2012, under Training Runs

I continue to get better, albeit slowly.  I only ran a couple of times last week as I was in New York and didn’t get out and run like I should have.  But those runs felt good.  I don’t have much speed yet but that’s ok.  It’s nice to feel some strength in the legs, to be able to push off and not to feel like I’m compensating for injury.  Only ran 12 miles this week but with a lot of traveling that’s just how it goes.

Started today off with a 7.25 mile run with a friend.  Got some good hills in and ran along the golf course as the sun came up.  Then watched the Olympic marathon with a group of running friends.  Those runners look so smooth as they run their sub-5 minute mile pace.  The USA had 3 runners in it, one finished 4th and the other two DNF’d.  It brought back great memories of the Olympic time trials in Houston this year.

Signed up for a triathlon on September 5th so I will start some swimming and biking to help with my recovery.  I have a good feeling about the Fall racing season coming up.

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Determination and Action

by on Aug.05, 2012, under Training Runs

The past two months have been very interesting for sure.  After a strong Spring racing season in shorter distances I was ready to kick it in to high gear for my “A” race, the Chicago marathon.  Not sure what happened but as I increased my mileage all of a sudden I started experiencing pain in my sciatic nerve in my left leg.  One day on a run I just locked up with a sharp pain and had to walk back.

The past two months I’ve been trying to figure this out as I’ve had inflammation my leg, very sore piriformis / glutes (butt!), knee pain and a lot of discouragement.  I’ve walked more on runs than I ever have and have cut a lot of them short, listening to what my body is able to do on that day.  When I start a run I don’t know what will be there.  Strength and bounce in my stride is gone.  But Chicago is coming and I am determined.

While I am not able to run I have looked at all of the other aspects of my health that I can work on while my leg heals itself.  I’ve totally changed my diet and lost another 5 pounds – back to very little meat, energy shakes in the morning, reduced calorie intake and basically trying to eat smart.  The last big change came earlier this week when I realized  I needed to eliminate alcohol and have committed to do this, at least through the New York marathon in November.  Alcohol stimulates inflammation and I’m just not good at moderation when it comes to coffee or alcohol.

Chicago won’t be an “A” race but I will cross the start and finish line.  My health is heading in the right direction and I may end up having a good race, but the goal now is to be as healthy as I can and start and finish.  Had a nice 5 mile run this morning that was fairly pain free but took a lot of focus to get to a comfortable stride and even then I still run with a little “hitch” in my step.  9 minute pace was all I could muster but this is better than it has been.

This seems bad but not considering I was happy after this 6 miler on Thursday which was one of my first pain free runs, even though I had to walk a bit and also struggled to get into a comfortable stride.

I’m expecting my recovery to continue and look forward to Chicago and New York!

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