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Determination and Action

by on Aug.05, 2012, under Training Runs

The past two months have been very interesting for sure.  After a strong Spring racing season in shorter distances I was ready to kick it in to high gear for my “A” race, the Chicago marathon.  Not sure what happened but as I increased my mileage all of a sudden I started experiencing pain in my sciatic nerve in my left leg.  One day on a run I just locked up with a sharp pain and had to walk back.

The past two months I’ve been trying to figure this out as I’ve had inflammation my leg, very sore piriformis / glutes (butt!), knee pain and a lot of discouragement.  I’ve walked more on runs than I ever have and have cut a lot of them short, listening to what my body is able to do on that day.  When I start a run I don’t know what will be there.  Strength and bounce in my stride is gone.  But Chicago is coming and I am determined.

While I am not able to run I have looked at all of the other aspects of my health that I can work on while my leg heals itself.  I’ve totally changed my diet and lost another 5 pounds – back to very little meat, energy shakes in the morning, reduced calorie intake and basically trying to eat smart.  The last big change came earlier this week when I realized  I needed to eliminate alcohol and have committed to do this, at least through the New York marathon in November.  Alcohol stimulates inflammation and I’m just not good at moderation when it comes to coffee or alcohol.

Chicago won’t be an “A” race but I will cross the start and finish line.  My health is heading in the right direction and I may end up having a good race, but the goal now is to be as healthy as I can and start and finish.  Had a nice 5 mile run this morning that was fairly pain free but took a lot of focus to get to a comfortable stride and even then I still run with a little “hitch” in my step.  9 minute pace was all I could muster but this is better than it has been.

This seems bad but not considering I was happy after this 6 miler on Thursday which was one of my first pain free runs, even though I had to walk a bit and also struggled to get into a comfortable stride.

I’m expecting my recovery to continue and look forward to Chicago and New York!

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