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Speeeeeed Work

by on Nov.27, 2012, under Training Runs

Felt good to do some speed work today.  Left the fitness center thinking we were doing a tempo run and found out we were heading to the track.  That sounded good – let’s get the legs turning faster than race pace to let them know what is expected of them this weekend.  The goal this weekend is to average a 7:38 pace.  Did a 400 – 800 – 1200 – 1600 – 1200 – 800 – 400 ladder at the track with a short rest (with the watch off) between them.  1.2 mile warm up and cool down running over and then back.  Felt great and a perfect mental preparation for this weekend.  Especially great to be back running with my group!

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Birthday miles done

by on Nov.15, 2012, under Training Runs

Finished up my birthday miles with a nice tempo run.  I needed 56 and ended up with almost 58 from last Friday through today.  Since that is double what I’ve run per week for the past 4 weeks I’m glad I didn’t get injured!  Had a great run today with Curt, Brad, Steve and Tim. Nice to see it is 10 seconds off of my Memphis half marathon goal pace (7:38) which will get me in under 1:40.  And this is after over 50 miles of running this week.  We finished the tempo strong but I didn’t hit the lap button at the top of the hill so lap 5 ended up showing 8:03 as we started up again.  It’s all good, details, details.  The 7:48 pace we ran today is almost exactly my half marathon PR – 1:42.

I’m heading to Florida for probably our biggest business conference of the year and then disconnecting from the Grid to enjoy a cruise with my family.  On the first day of the 57th year of my life I am amazed at the many blessings and opportunities I have.  So thankful to be able to run, to enjoy friends, to see the world, to build something with talented people at the Pond and to have a family that is wonderful beyond my wildest dreams.  Let the new year begin.

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Birthday run

by on Nov.14, 2012, under Training Runs

Got in a birthday run with Stacy today as I close in on my 56 miles for the week.  5 more to go and I’ll finish them up tomorrow morning.  I woke up this morning to the news that a good friend and college roommate had died after open heart surgery.  Just last week he was posting pictures on Facebook and living life grand.  This brings on a mixture of sadness and thankfulness.  I realize how important each day is and the relationships that I have with others.  RIP Rob Elliott.  We will miss you.

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Good 8 miler

by on Nov.13, 2012, under Training Runs

Great variety run today; some slower, some fast, some on the road and some on the track. First frost of the year so we were running with hats and gloves.  I felt a bit stiff in the middle but had a very good finish.  46 miles into my birthday week “run my age” and feeling good.  Thankful for life.

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Renewal run

by on Nov.12, 2012, under Training Runs

Yesterday’s run zapped me.  Was it the hills?  The pace?  The run the day before?  Not sure but it was tough to hold on but thanks to my great running friends I finished it up.  I strongly considered not running today but if I did that I knew I wouldn’t get my birthday mileage in this week.  I rolled out into the cold morning, hat and gloves on, and did a nice 6 mile run.  I felt really good – surprisingly good.  We started a bit slow but then I got into a comfortable pace.  Ran with Mark but he cut off to get 4 miles and so I went on, did Bainbridge and finished strong.  Counting the 5k Color Run walk, I’ve got 38 miles in since Friday.  There’s hope to keep the tradition going.

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Couple good runs

by on Nov.11, 2012, under Training Runs

Tim reminded me this morning that it was my birthday week, the week I run my age in miles.  Thankfully I got in a 10 miler on Friday, 6 + the Color Run 5k in yesterday and 13 today so if I adjust the week back to start a few days early I may make it.  It’s a good tradition and although it will take a few “2 a days” I think I’ll give it a try.

Our 6 miler yesterday was a good one and although I wanted today to be a fast run – it wasn’t.  We did some good hills and I pushed myself to the end and feel good about it.  Great running friends who drag me through the streets to get me ready for my next race!

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Easy 10

by on Nov.09, 2012, under Training Runs

It is amazing how easy it is to run 10 miles with a slower group. Could have kept running forever.  I’ve been out of town all week and it was good to get back out for a run.  Beautiful morning.

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Social run

by on Nov.04, 2012, under Training Runs

Was hoping to do a half marathon pace run today but the other runners who were there were slower and I opted to run with them rather than running for a pace.  Good choice.  I enjoyed the time running with wonderful people on a beautiful morning, coffee at McDonalds afterwards.  It’s not all about pace.  Great social run today.

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Great Saturday run – 13.1

by on Nov.03, 2012, under Training Runs

Oh how happy I am that my injuries are behind me.  I am so thankful to be able to get out and do a half marathon training run.  Beautiful morning for a run and the best runner friends to do it with.  Putting in the work so I can go for a sub-1:40 in Memphis in a month.  Not sure I can do it but I’ll leave it out there trying.  Felt really comfortable out there today.

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by on Nov.01, 2012, under Training Runs

Man, I went from taper to tempo without doing a race!  New York is behind me even though the race is this Sunday.  Everything cancelled and I’m 100% focused on the Memphis half.  I’m running well and would love to break 1:40.  That will take a 7:37 pace, a bit faster than today’s tempo.

Felt great to run today.  Really focused on my form and enjoying that I can run.  Stayed with a faster group since they didn’t step on the gas.  I’m going to rest tomorrow and do a 12 miler Saturday.  Love being back out running, injury free!

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