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Crosstraining is working

by on Jul.20, 2011, under Bike Rides

Nice 25 mile bike ride this morning.  At times it was a bit tough but for the most part it was a good cruising speed.  I can feel the back of my legs and butt muscles loosening up so I am not so sore and tight all the time.  I think running and pounding on your feet, especially a lot of it, makes everything tight.  Going to keep up the biking, swimming and running and see if I can’t get back where I want for Fall racing.  And it sure is a peaceful way to wake up, head out into the dark with the light of the bike leading the way and experience the world with all its smells and sounds as it wakes up all around you.

Our pace on the way out must have been a bit quicker today because the sun was not over the horizon yet when we turned to head back.  Or the days are getting shorter.  NO!!! Don’t get shorter yet!  Although I run in the winter, not sure I’ll bike in the winter!

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Monday morning ride

by on Jul.18, 2011, under Bike Rides

I’m enjoying biking during the week. Got out today and did a 25 mile ride to start the day and watch the sun come up. I just got back into riding and have been thinking I need to carry a spare tube and air canister in case I flat. Well, today was the day. Fortunately Tim had my back with tools, a tube and air. I won’t go back out unprepared again!

Nice ride, averaged about 21 mph which is a nice pace. Legs aren’t as tired as last time. Maybe because I got a rest while I changed my tire!

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Wednesday ride

by on Jul.06, 2011, under Bike Rides

Getting back into biking.  Did a 26 mile ride with the group tonight.  There were about 20 of us riding, I rode with the lead group.  This is an intermediate group, do about 20mph average.  There are some much faster groups but I’m not about to try and keep up with them on my 39 year old bike!  Really enjoy the ride.  It’s a good pace, one that makes me push but I never feel like I’m struggling to keep up.  I can always fall back with a group behind.  it’s amazing the biking and running community that we have.  Tempo run in the morning.  It’s taking me a couple of days to recoup from each run, getting back into things slowly, enjoying the summer and ready for my body to feel strong again.

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Back on the bike

by on Jul.04, 2011, under Bike Rides

Nice ride to Morrilton and back.  I had forgotten how much I enjoyed biking.  We took it easy on the way out and then a couple guys decided they had enough of the 18 mph pace and broke ahead.  I decided to follow on my 39 year old steel frame bike.  Hung with them all the way back up and down the rollers and with a slight headwind.  I don’t have a speedometer on my bike but based on my garmin we were riding between 22-25mph.  It felt good to work the legs without pounding.  Even the hot summer air is nicer with the breeze.  Really happy that Conway not only has an awesome running community but the biking community is great as well.

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