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Running reflections …

by on Jun.13, 2011, under Other

… on hard training, setting goals, “A” races, brotherly runs, new distances, great friends and deep meaning.

2011 is nearing the mid-point and what a year it has been.  Listening to my body, it is asking for a rest.  A rest from the hard work I’ve put it through and a time to restore and rebuild.  Starting with the week before my birthday in 2010 when I ran my age (54 miles) during the week, I worked harder than ever to smash the sub-4 hour marathon barrier with a time that surprised even me.  This was truly an “A” race where it all came together – training, race day support, weather, mind set, detailed plan, strong finish and sweet victory.

Followed this up with a most memorable run in Vienna with Ed and then my first 50k.  I’ve been fighting an injury off and on and coming down with shingles the week before the 50k made me dig down deep, not so much for the energy but for the follow through and commitment to what I set out to do.  After taking a week or so off, I’ve been trying to get back into running, trying to feel better, etc. and I’ve just realized that it is time to rest.  Time to cross train and focus on pure health.  I need to decide when my next “A” race will be and begin to make my plan to make it happen.  One thing I know is the first part of the plan is to rest and recover, and to build a base of strength that I can take with me to the beginning of my training.

My next “A” race is going to be the Houston half marathon in January.  Saturday I will get to see America’s best marathoners compete for a place on the 2012 Olympic marathon team.  The first time they’ve had the men and women marathon time trials on the same day.  The next day I will run the half marathon with a goal to have my best time yet and at least something under 1:40.  My PR is 1:42:13.  The two training races I have planned right now are the Soaring Wings half marathon in October and the Memphis marathon in early December.

I also need to take a break to get a little balance in my life.  So much focus on running and yet so many other great things to give my time to.  I am looking forward to not hurting when I get out of bed and to building some strength that I can take into a challenging training schedule.  We’ll see what happens, but for now I know one thing.  It’s time to rest and appreciate all that has come through running during the first half of 2011.  What a great year it has been.

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MM #4004

by on Jun.11, 2011, under Other, Random

I qualified as a Bronze level maniac by running 3 marathons in 90 days (Little Rock, Vienna and the Tailtwister 50k).  Got this email:

Pete, at last you have found refuge, a place where you can call home, where the Insane can feel Sane again, and once again be treated like a normal human being.

Welcome To The Marathon Maniacs InSane AsyLum!!!!

Don’t miss out on Maniac Discounts or current information!  Sign up for our monthly eFlash database HERE

If you go to the Insane Asylum link on the front page, you will see the Member Login link.  Your UserID and Password are:


You can change your UserID and Password but there is no reason to.  We don’t require you to modify the original settings.

Once you get logged in you can do the following:

– Create a list of your race history by selecting the Add My Marathons link. Once you have entered at least one race, a link will be created on your name when your name appears in the Race Calendar and Insane Asylum. The link will take the user to your race history.

– Edit you Personal Information by choosing the Personal Info link.

– Edit your statistics by choosing the My Statistics link.

– Change how your statistics are calculated by using the My Preferences link.  Your initial settings are for Manual updating.  You can choose to Automatically update some or all of your statistics but you need to have all your races in your My Marathons section before doing so since the Automatic calculation is performed from that list.

– Add your name to any race listed in our Race Calendar. If you don’t see a race listed, click on the link at the top of the calendar to send us the information about the race.

– Use the Bulletin Board for members only to discuss training, races, or whatever.

– Go to ( where you can print out a Maniac Certificate.

– Become a fan of the Maniacs on Facebook ( Join our group on LinkedIn (

– If you would like to be included in the next Maniac newsletter, please send an email with a photo to Steve Walters MM #3388 (  And, if you have future photos or race reports, please send those to Steve as well.

Thanks and Welcome to the InSane AsyLum!!!!


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2010 Garmin Report

by on Jan.03, 2011, under Other

Had a good year in 2010, mostly because I finished strong and am not injured!  The hot summer was tough which caused me to scale back my Tupelo marathon to the 14.2 distance but it was still a great trip.  No PR’s this year, but am set for some next year I think.  I’ve met so many great people running and have become completely addicted to the sport.  Excited to PR at the Little Rock marathon and get closer to a BQ time and extremely excited to have another international marathon with Ed on the books for this year – Vienna, Austria. 

Total mileage for the year was 1471 (plus the times I did not wear my Garmin) and I finished with a 218 mile December.  Come on Little Rock!

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Looking back – getting ready for Little Rock

by on Feb.15, 2010, under Other, Races

Thought I’d look back at my training for the first 3 months of my 4 months leading up to the Little Rock Marathon.  I’m feeling marathon ready but definitely not peaking.  2 16 mile runs this year and 1 23 mile run.  A couple of very light weeks while I was on the road.  It’s 67  hours and 445 miles of running through last Saturday averaging 30 miles / week.  There are two marathons in there.  I’ve got one more hard week of training this week, hopefully to be capped by a half marathon race this weekend if I can work out the details, and then taper time.  It’s time to start getting ready, start building my race day plan on how I’m going to conserve and set the tone in the early miles, attack the hills and sustain my run in the late miles. 

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Ryan Hall Interview – Everything is relative

by on Nov.28, 2009, under Other

Interesting watching the interview with Ryan Hall after the New York City marathon.  He speaks of it as a humbling experience, something he’ll get over and focus again on getting ready for the next race.  Says it just wasn’t his day today.  Well, he finished 4th with a 2:10:36 time, less than 3 seconds/mile slower than the winner at 2:09:15 and a minute 45 seconds in front of the 5th place runner.  It’s a good life lesson that everything is relative and it’s good to set tough goals, be humbled by our results when they are not what we were shooting for and work hard to meet our goals.  But at the end of the day, it’s also important to remember that everything is relative and keep a good balance on what we do and appreciate what we have and the results we achieve.

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The watch is back

by on Oct.29, 2009, under Other

So glad to see the Fedex guy deliver my repaired watch – actually replaced it with a refurbished one.  So glad to have it back for my last long run of my training.  Spin class tomorrow since it is raining.  No watch just long enough to appreciate it and learn a few things. 


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Plan to do my first triathlon

by on Jul.09, 2009, under Other

Looks like I’m going to sign up for the Donner Lake Triathlon up near Lake Tahoe a week from Sunday.  Have a friend from the RAAM crew that is donig it so it is an opportunity I just can’t pass up.  I swam a 1/2 mile this morning just to see how I would feel and I think I can do the swim ok (that was my biggest concern).  Goal will be to finish (hopefully not last) and to enjoy the scenery and event.


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