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Welcome to my running blog.  It’s really more of a personal record of my runs and not a lot of interesting material.

However, it is the easiest link to remember if you are looking to join me in my race to find a cure for NF (Neurofibromatosis).  CLICK ON THE IMAGE below and JOIN MY TEAM. I deeply appreciate every one who joins me, regardless of the amount.  Whether you can give or not, please click on the image below and learn what I am running for in 2012. Thanks in advance.

2011 Review

I had a great running year in 2011.  I ran 3 marathons in 2 states (Little Rock, Arkansas and Memphis, Tennessee) and 2 countries (USA and Vienna, Austria).  I ran my first 50k Trail Event (33 miles) in War Eagle State Park and qualified as a Marathon Maniac for running 3 marathons (2 marathons and a 50k) in 90 days.  I then spent most of the summer with a leg injury that has just about gone away but still lingers on high mileage weeks.  I set a marathon PR in Little Rock with a 3:51 and also ran Memphis in under 4 (3:58).  I feel like my marathon pace is sub-4 which is nice to have arrived here at last.  It’s been a lot of work and focus but is fun to have achieved it.

I also got back out on my bicycle after many years and trained for my second Olympic distance triathlon.  I did this mostly as a way to deal with my leg injury – spent time on the bike and swimming to cross train in the summer.  I enjoyed the bike but really need to get a new one if I am going to continue.  I borrowed a bike for the triathlon and had a good race.  I feel good in the water, feel like I have a good stroke but am really slow.  I also did the swim portion of a half Ironman relay.  It was incredible to be at the Redman Ironman event and to cheer on my friend Tim who completed the full Ironman.  Although it was my slowest marathon since my first, the Vienna City Marathon with my awesome brother Ed  shines out as one of the best experiences of my life.

So many great memories and so many great friends have been made and found by running.  I think I am going to back off the quantity of running this year, focusing on fewer higher quality runs and running fewer races.  The Houston Half Marathon and Little Rock Marathon are on the schedule for the Spring and we’ll see what else comes up.  I may do a Fall marathon again.  I am going to get back into playing tennis and see if I can develop this sport a bit and get Madeleine into the game.  I’ll continue to blog my running thoughts and experiences here.

Happy New Year.

2010 INFO

Welcome to my running log, a site designed to record my training and racing events and other information related to my running and health goals. In addition this site is an adventure in blogging and an exercise in learning the WordPress Blogging tool.

Running has been great in 2010.  So much pressure gone now that I’ve broken the 4 hour barrier in a marathon.  Don’t care if I ever do it again, I did it.  I’m signed up for the Little Rock Marathon on March 7 and my new goal is to run as a part of the NF Endurance team and rasie money for NF.  This started very casual when I met some friends whose daughter has NF.  Then met some other people who ran for NF and then casually thought – “I’ll run for NF, just don’t plan on doing any fundraising.  I’m so busy with so many other things”.  And then it got personal.  I asked Lesley how I could run for a specific person.  She “hooked me up” with Mavia, a girl about Madeleine’s age who lives about 3 hours from us.  Running on the NF Endurance teams has changed to running to help find a cure for sweet young girls (and over 2 million others) like Mavia Evenson.  Now it’s not just about me, either.  I need your help.  If you are reading this, please click on the image below to learn more and if you are able, join our team.  If all you do is learn a little about NF, that is a big part of the process – raising everyone’s awareness of Neurofibromatosis.

Painted by Karrie Evenson, Mavia’s Mom

2009 INFO

My running goals for 2009 are to run at least 26.2 miles 50 or more weeks, run at least 1500 miles for the year, run the Oklahoma City Marathon in April in 3:50 or less, run injury free and stay in good health, in part, as a result of my commitment to run. A bonus goal will be to qualify for the Boston Marathon before the end of the year by running a 3:35 marathon at a certified event, but first things first, let’s get through Oklahoma City!

June update –  As we enter the second half of the year I have some real adjustments to make.  First of all, the OKC marathon was not a sub-4 or a Boston qualifier result.  It was a complete disaster caused by a torn abductor muscle in my right leg, windy conditions and inadequate preparation (not enough long runs).  This took a lot out of me mentally and physically and I am just now getting back physically.  I still plan to run a sub-4 marathon but don’t want to be obsessed with it and so I don’t have that on my goals for 2009 anymore.  I want to get back to strong running again and switch my training from primarily running to running 3-4 days per week and doing more cross training (bike, swim, core body work).   I want to build up endurance so I can handle longer runs.  It would be nice to go back to OKC and run the marathon next year if I was ready because this was such a failure event for me, to go back and have success there would be significant.   I would like to get back to 26 miles per week with 3-4 runs.

December 5 update – Finally got my sub-4 in Memphis and this came somewhat as a surprise.  What a year it has been.  Looking at my Garmin data I have logged right at 1300 miles in 47 weeks which is an average of 27.65/week.  I’ve had 26 weeks with mileage > 26.2 miles.  I”ve had one week over 60 miles, 2 over 50, 3 over 40 and lots in the 30’s and 20’s.  I feel good about this, especially considering the time I had to take off for recovery after Oklahoma City.  I’ve run 3 half marathons, 3 full marathons and did my first triathlon.  It’s holiday time and then we’ll make some 2010 goals.

This year has been one of learning and improving.  I’ve made some life long friends through running which is awesome.  I’ve had a number of PR times in races and have learned so much about running, especially about my running.  I’ve been more consistent in running than ever and continue to enjoy it.

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Berlin Marathon 2008

Berlin Marathon 2008

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